Terms and Conditions



The person(s) completing the registration represent they received a unique code from an official Digital Golf Pass (DGP) partner– the PGA Section, state or local golf association affiliate in the facility’s geographic territory, or from DGP directly.  The person(s) represent they have the authority to post multiple value offers on behalf of the facility to be viewed by the general public and will accept/redeem valid offers by DGP subscribers at the facility location.

I/we authorize DGP to use the facility name, logo, address, phone number, geo map location and link users to the facility web address on the digital platform – either through the DGP homepage or partner branded website.

DGP may use the facility name or logo for any social media or marketing including print or television ads without prior written consent of the facility’s authorized person(s).

DGP may use any and all facility information to increase subscriber views under its “Other Deals” or “Featured Deals” website sections.

DGP is authorized to allow both the general public and DGP subscribers to use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or e-mail to share individual facility or facility offers through social media links.

Privacy Policy & Data Share:

DGP WILL NOT share facility or authorized person(s) information including name(s) or e-mail address with any third party including current or future DGP advertising partners.

Such information provided is intended solely as contact information between DGP and the facility. DGP will share subscriber information – first name, last name and e-mail address for any user that redeems an offer at the facility location.  Data will be remitted monthly to the facility authorized contact to enhance the facility’s in-house databank.

DGP understands that its relationship with the facility does NOT include access to the facility’s in-house database unless mutually agreed upon as part of a co-marketing promotion or to list the club as a region “Featured Facility.” 

Posted Offers:

All greens fee rates must include cart fee (unless walking only) and any applicable taxes or fees; likewise, all posted driving range and lesson rates must include any applicable taxes or fees; unless otherwise stated in the individual offer.

The facility may post up to 9 individual offers for greens fee, driving range or lesson use.  Once an offer is created, previewed and saved to be viewed by the general public, it may not be modified until the following season.  However; new deals may be added during the current season at any time until 9 total deals are posted.  Offers that include a date range that has expired may be removed from the system by contacting DGP.

1)On or around August 1, course offers will be automatically “cloned” and stored for the next year’s use.  Operators will access to edit, delete or add new offers (prior to November 10) for the following season.

2) DGP participating courses will remain on the platform on an annual basis.  It is the sole responsibility of the Operator to edit, delete or add new offers between August 1 and November 10; otherwise the prior season offers will automatically be posted for the following year.

3) DGP understands that, from time to time, the authorized person(s) may change at any individual facility.  It is the responsibility of the course, driving range, or teaching academy to 1) contact and update DGP with any change of decision maker or 2) request, via contacting either the account sales representative or DGP directly, to be removed from the DGP platform.  Removal requests must be made by November 10 of the current year.  In this instance, the course will no longer be featured in subsequent year(s); however, the facility agrees to honor any remaining valid posted offers through December 31.


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Invite Golfers

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