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TeeTime Golf Pass Inc (TTGP) would like to extend to your organization a unique partnership opportunity to better fund growth-of-the-game initiatives in your region.

Digital Golf Pass (DGP) is the first automated system designed to deliver value options to avid golfers — value options that do not contribute to revenue loss at participating courses through “barter”, “pay per click” or “transaction fees”. The program is designed to allow courses to guide players to less desirable space on their tee sheets while simultaneously funding growth initiatives conducted through your organization. More important, DGP patrons are directed to individual course golf shops and/or websites for booking while commanding a rate established by the golf course.

Digital Golf Pass partners allow courses in a territory to post multiple value offerings exclusively to DGP Members. These offers are valid at times, days and discounted rate of the courses choosing.

Membership to the DGP “opens” the entire portfolio of offerings in a partner region from January 1st through December 31st each year. Our revolutionary technology allows valid offers to be redeemed via smart phone or tablet device right at the course or offers may also be conveniently printed from a personal computer.

Because we’re digital, courses may elect to add additional offers throughout the year essentially expanding the portfolio. Our members are afforded these deals regardless of when the DGP was purchased. However, once an offer is posted by any course, it cannot be removed or modified until the following season.

As an added bonus, a generous portion of patron membership fees will be donated to your organization foundation. This charitable contribution is earmarked to enhance growth of the game initiatives in your territory.


  • Join a golf alliance that offers your PGA Membership or member clubs the opportunity to combat third-party barter, pay per click and transaction fee providers prevalent in today’s market.

  • Partners receive their own “branded” website -

  • Enhance growth of the game initiatives in your locality through additional funding.


  • Participation is elective and free of charge to clubs within the partner region.

  • Reduce or eliminate the cost to advertise discount golf fees via print, radio or TV media.

  • Market ancillary tee times to a limited number of users. Valid dates, times and rates are directed by each facility.

  • DGP Members can view and redeem valid offers year-round. Clubs reduce the need to inundate their mass e-mail databases with weekly special offers.

  • Facilities can post one or multiple offerings for green fees, range use or instruction. Because we are digital, additional deals may be added at any time.

  • DGP Members are directed to the individual club website or golf shop for tee time booking.

  • A limited number of participating clubs will be listed under “Featured Deals” in a partner region. Each year, these clubs will be given the DGP Member databank to enhance their own in-house mass e-mail database.

TTGP anticipates the DGP Membership will retail from $49-$69 depending on the value of the offerings within your region. The value will be determined collectively by the number of participating courses, types of offers provided and the yearly savings potential for the individual DGP Member.

TTGP will remit charitable contributions monthly throughout the year to our Partner Foundation along with the name and e-mail address of purchasers should the Executive Committee elect to forward a thank you note.

Additional Contribution – TTGP will remit an additional $5,000 toward the Section Championship purse (or similar event) if 3000+ members join in a single year.


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Invite Golfers

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