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What we do…

We spend months and months traveling the country, visiting with golf course managers, pros and owners, working out the very best deals for our golf-loving customers. The Digital Golf Pass platform delivers these deals direct to your mobile devices or PC.

Simply get your DGP subscription here within the site. When you've got that golf itch, scratch it by logging into your DGP account. Choose the course you want to play, the deal you wish to redeem and book your tee time as usual.

If you like to rock it old school, simply print that deal from your PC and bring it to the course... Otherwise, when you arrive to play the course, pull up the deal on your mobile device and hand it to the shop attendant. He or she hits the redeem button and off you go. Offers are redeemable one time, four times or maybe they're unlimited. Regardless, when a single deal is redeemed, the DGP platform automatically tracks your usage.

These deals are available only to DGP members, not the general public. So, tell your golf buddies and your family and friends about the program, or simply buy them DGP as a gift — so they can Golf More and Pay Less, too.

Who we are…

The Digital Golf Pass (DGP) launched in the spring of 2015 as a collaborative enterprise between Medal Play Management, a digital marketing company led by PGA professionals, and TeeTime Golf Pass, the largest paper passbook provider in the U.S.

But the roots of the DGP go back to 1992, when TeeTime introduced its first paper passbook to 22 courses in five Pennsylvania counties. Today, TeeTime is one of the most respected and successful golf marketing companies in the country, partnering with more than 1,100 courses in 14 states throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Northeast.

As a digital complement to the paper passbook in TeeTime’s original territory, and as a stand-alone product elsewhere, the Digital Golf Pass is first and foremost a next-generation boon to avid golfers. With thousands of deals at their fingertips (thanks to that smartphone in their hands), DGP members save money with each round they play, all year long. 

For course owners/operators, DGP is a welcome, mobile solution to the debilitating effects of third-party tee time providers — entities that add little value to golf facilities and contribute nothing to the game’s growth. Here again, DGP is different: The DGP platform empowers course operators to create the deals golfers want. What’s more, a generous portion of every DGP sale is returned to local PGA sections and state golf associations to fund grow-the-game initiatives across a broad spectrum of interests – from junior leagues and scholarships to Play Golf America and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Although the concept is not entirely new to the golf industry, DGP’s infrastructure, administration and corporate responsibility are pretty darned revolutionary. For the first time, under the DGP banner, golfers, courses, PGA Sections and state golf associations work together to play more golf, save more money, and foster the development of tomorrow’s golfers. 

How’s that for a next-generation solution.


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Invite Golfers

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